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We had the pleasure of following Jenny Morgan's opening in NYC with a quick trip to Dallas for the Aurora Light Art Festival, where Plus Gallery artist Allie Pohl was featured with one of her recent video's projected bold and brightly on the side of one of the elegant buildings within Dallas' impressive Arts District.  Aurora was a major success for the city of Dallas, with approximately 30,000 people joining the festivities that night, so it was great to see Allie's work a part of that enormous public celebration.


It was no surprise for us to see that Jonathan Monaghan's latest animation "Mothership" was at the top of this list from last week's Moving Images Festival in London:


Plus Gallery artist has been "warming up his hands"  on a number of small works since making the move to Milwaukee at the end of the summer.  We received a shipment of those glorious exercises this week and will have a few on hand as of Laura Krudener's opening this Friday night.


Plus Gallery artist Donald Fodness' latest work is a playful use of material and subject matter, a diptych on VHS cassette packaging titled "True True." His work will be on display in the RedLine exhibition  "An Invisible Boundary" curated by Carmen Winant, writer for Daily Serving. The exhibition opens this Saturday.


Those who joined us last week in NYC experienced the most singular moment in the history of our operation, as Jenny Morgan made an  extraordinary major-level solo debut at Driscoll Babcock Galleries in the heart of the Chelsea art district.  Approximately 1600 people swarmed through to be the first to see her latest works last thursday night including numerous admirers, friends, collectors as well as her most recent mentor, the renowned painter Marilyn Minter.  We could not be more proud of Jenny and the response to her exhibition, most certain to be one of the biggest hits of the fall art season. Undoubtedly, Jenny's second decade in her career should prove to be even more thrilling to follow than the first.

View more images from the evening on Plus Gallery scrapbook page:

Watch the video produced by Driscoll Babcock in conjunction with the exhibition:


Plus Gallery hosts our first solo exhibition by the exceptional painter Laura Krudener, one of the clear standouts in the field of abstract expressionism in the state and country. Her newest works in "Suspended Chaos" explore the rapid motion in which we experience visual imagery in a world of ceaseless news feeds. Finding a suspended stillness in the motion of the paint, Krudener's paintings become a meditation on movement, and the constant search for stillness.

Krudener's canvases are dramatic in scale as well as her particular format, painting through various "poured" techniques on raw canvas with the stretcher-bars receding at an angle from the surface plane, enhancing the unique effect of suspension. Krudener was profiled several times in the last year, including Modern in Denver's fall issue 2012, the most recent issue of Luxe Magazine, and the National online publication

Plus Gallery is thrilled to present Laura Krudener and her explosive works to Denver, please join us in celebrating the opening of the exhibition on Friday, October 25th from 6-9pm.


For her first solo exhibition at Denver's Plus Gallery, Laura Krudener will be exhibiting a new body of paintings entitled Suspended Chaos. Krudener's paintings explore the rapid motion in which we experience visual imagery in a world of ceaseless news feeds. Through various poured techniques and layered drawings, each layer of Krudener's paintings is informed from the movement of the previous layer. Finding a suspended stillness in the motion of the paint, Krudener's paintings become a meditation on movement, and the constant search for stillness.

Abstract expressionism in painting has been a prevalent force amongst American painters of the last sixty plus years and has also come to define Colorado's contemporary art scene in a substantial way. "Colorado Abstract" was released in 2009, the first of its kind massive volume of notable locals, followed shortly by the news of the Clyfford Still Museum finding a permanent home in Denver. Riding right on the cusp of those two occurrences is Krudener's arrival in Denver, a huge new talent working in a vein that hearkens back to some of the most credible moments in abstract painting, while pushing the current trajectory in bold, distinct ways.

Krudener works on raw canvas, crafted with receding edges that give the surface a feeling of floating in midair. Through a multiplicity of techniques, including heavy pours, embellishments of charcoal and marker, as well as bold, often contrary colors, Krudener delivers a state of motion and suspension within a compositional congruity of extreme panache. The beauty is in the subtle details as well as the joyous effects when these combinations cohere into volumes that are increasingly more majestic and complex. Her tactical goals also carry a social relevance that is rare in the genre, and all the better for it.

Laura Krudener received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2009. She has exhibited her paintings recently in a solo exhibition at Space Gallery in Denver, and in group exhibitions such as "Vernissage" at Fort Mason in San Francisco, "White Space" at Design Within Reach in Boulder, and "Transparencies," at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Krudener's paintings are in several prominent national collections including Janet Jackson and Dame Elizabeth Taylor, her painting "Ruby Melting Sky" remaining in Taylor's estate. She was profiled several times in the last year, including Modern in Denver's fall issue 2012, the most recent issue of Luxe Magazine, and the National online publication


See what it's all about and what Don has to say at:


This is the final week for "Peacocking" by Allie Pohl here at Plus Gallery, please stop in between Wednesday and this Saturday during our regular hours of noon to 5pm to take in another singular exhibition by one of the most provocative artists to come out of Denver.  And don't hesitate to touch or rotate the Abs and Pecks sculptures!


Most everything we've learned over the last twelve years of operation in Denver is a result of our connection and collaboration with painter Jenny Morgan, one of the most extraordinary young artists in the world.  Many know the background of Jenny's history with Plus Gallery, we constantly think back on how she filled our very first internship position and steadily rose from there to become our biggest inspiration - a genuine, world-class artist with a career trajectory that is as rare as they come.  This Thursday we celebrate the defining moment so far in our history when Jenny makes her debut with Driscoll Babcock Galleries in NYC.  We've already viewed images of the paintings, though they never do justice to Morgan's or any artists work for that matter, and the colossal scale at which a number of them have been executed should make for one of the most breathtaking exhibitions of her work to date. We look to share images soon after we return from the opening, and in the meantime leave two new links that appeared this week in advance of the opening.  The first is a terrific new, in-depth interview with Morgan on the site Riot of Perfume:

And this report was just posted from our great friends with Telluride Inside and Out, who know a thing or two about collecting and Jenny Morgan:


Plus Gallery will present Laura Krudener's solo debut "Suspended Chaos" October 25th through November 30th.  The gallery will host an opening reception for the exhibition on Friday, October 25th from 6-9pm.


Allie Pohl: Peacocking
On view through October 19th, 2013

Read what our intern Nicki Maggiore, a recent graduate of Sotheby's Institute of Art-London, has to say about Pohl and Peacocking on the Plus Gallery blogsite:

Peacocking - Abs (detail)
image courtesy of Westbrook Mahurin


And forever immortalized by Plus Gallery artist Bill Amundson, in the permanent collection at the CU Boulder Art Museum.


Plus Gallery artist Donald Fodness saw interest in his work spike with his recent solo exhibition "The Void is too large....if you can read this" this past July/August.  Now he has works on view in two related exhibitions at Plus Gallery neighbor RedLine studios, where Fodness recently completed his artist residency:

Ironic Object curated by Lanny Devuono


Read Susan Froyd of Westword's description of one of Denver's "plum galleries" as well as our response to four of her questions in the full version of the Westword's Fall arts guide, only available online:


One of the most visionary artists we've had the opportunity to work with both at Plus Gallery and through our project Denver Digerati is Jonathan Monaghan, a young artist based in DC that is one of the leading digital animators making huge strides in the contemporary market across the world.  His latest 15 minute masterpiece "Mothership" makes its debut next week at London, England's Moving Image Festival, we guarantee it will be blowing minds in one of the world's hotbeds right now for Contemporary Art.  Monaghan, in conjunction with Washington D.C.'s Curator's office, just released a very limited edition 40-page catalog of his work that will be available at the Moving Images Festival, and Plus Gallery will be receiving just a few copies to distribute on our end soon as well.  Reserve your copy through us today!


Driscoll Babcock Galleries is set to unveil Jenny Morgan's largest solo exhibition to-date next Thursday evening, October 17th.  Corresponding with the exhibition is a new large-format hard-cover catalog featuring artworks in the exhibition as well as recent paintings Morgan has realized since joining the DBG family.  The 64-page publication includes new essays by Tess Schwabb of Driscoll Babcock Galleries and Benjamin Genocchio of Modern Painters.  It is a wonderful addition to the documentation of Jenny's career that began with the Plus Gallery publications "New Territory" and "We Are All Setting Suns." Copies of the publication are available now directly through Driscoll Babcock Galleries, interested parties can contact for availability and pricing info.  Anyone wishing to order a signed copy directly through Plus Gallery may also do so in advance of the opening and we will try and facilitate for you.

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From the Eyes of a Newcomer at Plus - Allie Pohl's "Peacocking"

       Bearing in mind the intriguing physical presence of Allie Pohl's artwork, the importance lies in the details. The layered meanings behind the works that you encounter provide insight into the artists thought process, the depth and breadth of her research, and the smart way she chooses to represent the topics that interest her. Known for her widely popular "Ideal Woman" series, Pohl's new body of work, currently on view at Plus Gallery, takes a look at the world through a different set of eyes. The show entitled "Peacocking" embodies the way in which men view themselves today, the traits they believe to be their most ideal and desirable. Through the various media Pohl uses, the artist is able to present a coherent and clever take on cultural identity for today?s men. In all of this some larger questions arise. Why is it that we (both men and women) are so susceptible to society's demands? Why are we always fighting to fit these unrealistic expectations? And perhaps most crucially, what do we stand to gain from these ideals?

       Pohl addresses these questions in a smart, in-depth and fun manner. In the digital age we currently live in, our incessant need to document and engage with an online, virtual environment comes through in a multitude of ways and Pohl uses this to her advantage. The do's, don'ts, how to's and what's cool of western society are as easy to trace as 1-2-3. Pohl meets these ideas head on and cleverly assumes the roles of both embracer and exploiter. Capitalizing on the online, body conscious and consumer hungry world which we inhabit.

        In order to understand the ideal image of man in modern times Pohl gathered information through interactions on online dating sites. In addition to that she worked hand-in-hand with reputable male mannequin manufacturers, and lastly, instituted the creation of larger-than-life merit badges. Not only does this body of work serve up interesting subject matter on a less explored topic but Pohl does it in a subtle yet striking way through the various media she chose to use. You really have to look to understand what is happening in front of you.

        What I find most interesting is just how much is buried in the seemingly simple stacks of torsos, pecs, legs, and arms ("Abs 1", "Pecks 1" , "Legs 1", and "Arms 1" ). The different colors and features of the mannequins represent decades that have come to pass (80s, 90s and 2000s), matching the most popular car colors for those decades, and most crucially, how society has come to view the physical image of man. The evolution of the male body through time seems to mirror the social and cultural expectations that have been set forth.


       Moving away from the physical body, the viewer is presented with the photographic series entitled Date with Jon Doe #1-16 where the artist documented the various wallets of the men whom she met online and went out on dates with. The odd size of the framed images in addition to the metallic media which they are printed on, adds yet another layer to this already intriguing series. The small size of the images reflect cell phone culture, reiterating our need to document everyday occurrences. The notions of repetition and reflection that are present here are integral to Pohl?s practice.

        The merit badges on the facing wall represent the seven most ideal traits of a man that Pohl gathered from going on dates and visiting online dating sites. The representation of such traits like success, confidence, and athleticism are matched with images that appropriately suggest the same. Like the necklaces she created for the "Ideal Woman" series, Pohl had these same merit badge images put onto hats. This translates from something you would exclusively find in a gallery into something you easily take with you anywhere you go. Again Pohl is implementing her artwork into everyday consumer culture, making the ideas expressed through her work come full circle, branding them as her own.

      Through this body of work Pohl created a strong sense of how it is men view themselves today. Just as the male peacock fans his feathers to attract a mate, men feel the need to create a spectacle around themselves, to present a "total package" image that society tells them is desirable. Pohl teaches us that cultural expectations, although they may not be the same, do not solely pertain to just one sex. It is through the various media Pohl uses that the viewer is able to read into and reflect upon these larger themes, to understand what is really at work here by contemplating the familiar objects transfixed in the gallery space. Pohl's ability to translate these ideas in such an intelligible and creative manner is ever present, making one wait in eager anticipation to see what she has in store next.

Nicki Maggiore is a gallery assistant at Plus Gallery. 

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Fun facts and hot-art news from Plus Gallery | October 2013


Plus Gallery will be open this Friday evening October 4th till 8pm.  Find a little warmth and some of the most exquisite art in Denver tomorrow night with our featured exhibition "Peacocking" by Allie Pohl.



Want to knock out your holiday shopping early, or simply acquire an affordable, strikingly fashionable limited edition item by one of the countries hottest sensations?  Stop by Plus Gallery on First Friday to check out Allie Pohl's full line of Men's Merit Badge ball Caps, in limited supply now for $45 each.


We are not sure, we may just be dreaming, but the buildup for Jenny Morgan's solo debut with NYC's Driscoll Babcock Galleries, continues.....check out the full-page ad in Artforum's October issue.  We don't know if an artist out of and still engaged in the Denver scene has ever seen this kind of exposure, and though we don't have a copy yet, the same image is on the cover of NY's current Gallery Guide. Morgan's exhibition opens October 17th, we'll be there to cheer Jenny on and will report back with images and details later this month.  If ever there was big news relating to Denver and the visual arts, this is it!


The latest issue of the mile-high magazine includes a section on Denver's world-class art scene, with Plus Gallery and featured artist Allie Pohl firmly in the mix.  Pick up a copy today on newstands all over the city and state.


Phil Heath, the subject of Plus Gallery artist Austin Parkhill's massive 2012 painting "Phil," recently claimed the title of Mr. Olympia for the third year in a row.  Not bad for the Denver resident and now one of the most acclaimed athletes in history.....the last bodybuilder to do so went on to become the governor of California!


One of Denver Digerati's commissioned works, "METRO Re/De-construction" by Denver's own Chris Coleman, was picked up by two major online sites last week, Gizmodo and Popular Science, amounting to over 45,000 views!

Plus Gallery news for end of September 2013

Allie Pohl's "Peacocking" exhibition images are now online on the Plus Gallery website.  Nothing quite like seeing the show in person, but great if you are outside of the Denver area.

Allie Pohl's notable solo exhibition occurred in Denver at Hinterland gallery on Walnut Street.  The exhibition consisted of several of her "Ideal Woman:  36-24-36" forms made from Polyurethane rubber and memory foam, intended to allow the viewer to touch and squeeze the works.  Pohl's current "Pecks" and "Abs" sculptures continue in allowing the viewer to interact, each layer capable of rotating to create different looks.

What Plus Gallery owner Ivar Zeile has to say about Allie Pohl, Jenny Morgan, Xi Zhang and Milton Milton Melvin Croissant III, as well as the state of Denver's art scene, in Westword's new Fall Arts Guide within the current issue on newsstands now.

Denver Digerati's Friday Flash No.5 commissioned artwork program is available to watch in its entirety now online.  See what you missed last Friday evening in the grand finale of one of Denver's most exciting and innovative programs of the year, presented by the Denver Theatre District. And you can visit Denver Digerati's facebook page to see pics of the evening in full setting, including shots of the artists at our DU forum and the fabulous after-party here at Plus.

Read up on Gabriel Liston in the Portland Mercury

See New Zealand artist Shannon Novak's most recent augmented reality work and exhibition

And check out his work this October in NYC's Art in Odd Places


Plus Gallery launched the stunning season opening exhibition "Peacocking" by Allie Pohl last Thursday evening with a rousing reception hosted by the Denver Art Museum support group CultureHaus.  The very next day we received copies of the new issue of Modern In Denver, the exquisitely crafted magazine for modern living that focuses on developments of the highest order within the context of architecture, design, art, technology and forward thinking living.  Inside the new issue is a not-to-be-missed six page profile on Allie Pohl, the first of its kind in print, but certainly not the last as Allie marches her way towards a fantastic career of increasing relevancy within the global contemporary art market.  Pick up a copy on newsstands now, or swing by Plus Gallery to view Allie's new exhibition and grab a copy from us while supplies last.

"Peacocking" is a singular experience in the realm of contemporary art, particularly here in Denver.  Pohl's firm grasp of sexual politics, new platforms within social media, and research that ranges from the most intimate encounters to interfacing with wide-ranging systems for manufacture and produce development all gets distilled into super-symbolic works that push well beyond the norm.  "Peacocking" is surely one for the ages, an exhibition by a risk-taking artist who perfectly embodies our national zeitgeist.

For some topical, up-to-the-minute reflections on Pohl's current focus, we suggest the following articles:


We caught up with Alex McLeod last night shortly after his arrival in Denver for DU guest lecturing and Denver Digerati events we are hosting throughout the rest of the week.  We've worked with Alex for almost four years now, ever since debuting his work back in 2010 for the initial Biennial of the Americas celebration, though have only interfaced since from afar.  Is he possibly as cool, genuine, engaging and talented as we had suspected.  Oh yeah, and then some.  Come find out for yourself tonight when he gives academia a major spin on its head for a lecture at DU starting at 7pm, taking place at 2121 East Asbury Ave in the C-cubed Studios (top floor of the Shwayder Art Building).

McLeod will also be joining us tomorrow afternoon at 3pm in the same location for the Denver Digerati Forum, an opportunity to hear more in depth from the artists commissioned this year for new works to be shown on the LED screen at Champa and 14th Street in downtown Denver.  And of course later that night as well for Friday Flash at 6:30pm and the post-flash bash at Plus Gallery at 8pm.  Read more about all of these happenings on this week's Telluride Inside and Out report at:

Our season ending Friday Flash No5 on September 20th will also include a sneak peak at next year's spectacular DTD hosted event from "Oh Heck Yeah." A short demo follows directly after our 6:30pm unveiling of Denver Digerati commissioned works. Here's a little info on what's in store for next year's massively awesome concept:


Happening June 7, 2014 through July 26, 2014 every Thursday + Saturday from 6pm to 11pm, Champa Street, from the 16th Street Mall to 14th Street, will be transformed into an immersive street arcade. The arcade will be powered through a combination of the Denver Theatre District's LED screens, projections, street art, social media, local media and a website. This transmedia approach will produce an interactive experience that transports players into the video game's story.

Built by the Denver-based, award-winning creative team of Legwork Studio and Mode Set, the open source games will be played on the Denver Theatre District's LED screens and as projections on buildings. In addition to a player's smart device, their body will act as the game's controller using a Microsoft Kinect. Game winners will earn "tickets" that can be traded for prizes offered by local businesses, works curated by local artists and/or pay it forward opportunities through local nonprofit organizations.


Bill Amundson was just profiled in his hometown Stoughton News, it's great to read up more on what's happening with Bill, an artist we all miss dearly here in Denver:

And last year Plus Gallery screened the fascinating experimental narrative "Night Sky" by LA artist and filmmaker Alison O'Daniel to a packed house.  O'Daniel is an absolute gem, we feel very strongly about her work and urge you all to consider supporting her new project "The Tuba Thieves," which has only one week left for its current fundraising campaign.  There are lots of great perks for getting involved, and we certainly hope that Plus Gallery and possibly the Denver Theatre District might host the outcome of the project at a future date.  Here is Alison's synopsis for the theme behind the "Tuba Thieves"

Over the past several years, tubas have been stolen from middle schools and high schools all over the Los Angeles area to be sold on the black market for a high price. This story of stolen sound has inspired a collaborative process with sound (or the lack thereof), resulting in a film and series of sculptures made in response to three commissioned musical scores.

Thanks to a bunch of amazing volunteers, talented crew, and support from Art Matters, the Foundation for Contemporary Art, L.A. Louver and Art in General, we've completed the first scene. We are thrilled that over the next year we have been invited to shoot and exhibit several more scenes, presenting them as non-linear installations. Eventually they will be combined into a feature film. Our next shoots involve re-staging a 1980 punk show that took place at the Deaf club, followed by a re-enactment of John Cage's 1952 performance of 4' 33" (his 'silent' score that challenged perceptions of sound, music, and performance).

Find out more details on how you can support O'Daniels at:


Opening Reception' at Plus Gallery, hosted by the Denver Art Museum's CultureHaus
Members only preview and artist talk 5:30 - 7pm
General public reception 7-9pm

Plus Gallery launches the fall 2013 art season with "Peacocking," a solo exhibition of new work by Allie Pohl, one that continues the sensational young artists tradition of distilling rapidly evolving social shifts into thought-provoking compositions through a diverse array of new media applications. Pohl's unique sensibilities took Denver by storm when she introduced her "Ideal Woman" onto the burgeoning art scene back in 2010, a trademark concept that she has deftly pushed through wondrous sculptural forms as well as an expansive line of necklaces that have become popular across the nation.  "Peacocking" turns her attention 180 degrees towards the male species,  playfully engaging how half of society markets themselves in today's over-amped, image-conscious times.

As with much of her recent work, Pohl applies a deep and studied analysis of trends to her art, gathered via long-term personal interactions as well as free and increasingly pervasive online dating tools such as tinder, okcupid, howabout we, et al.... that anyone can tap into.  Pohl's interest of the last year has focused on common themes men were consistently trying to convey in order to "market" their image in everyday life situations, a topic she first applied in a broader capacity in her 2011 show "Mirror Mirror," one of the most striking solo exhibitions ever presented in Plus Gallery's first decade of operation. Pohl's current research exposes some of the more unusual statistics coursing through the social-sphere that reflect on changing tides, whether through overt topics such as the political acceptance of gay culture or more subtle transitions such as late-stage marriage and uber-fitness as the new norm.  Pohl's awareness of the "now" of life, accessed through the technological means of today, is fed back through a system of new production methods that is rare for an emerging artist and as effective as anything being generated throughout the world today in art.  The result, whether the new series of  oversized, manly "merit-badges," based on the tradition developed by the boy-scouts, or the history-laced fragments of mannequin torsos and parts, finished in the most popular car colors from across the decades, is cerebral, fun, daring, and pure Pohl.

Join us in celebrating a remarkable exhibition with a remarkable young woman this Thursday evening at Plus Gallery.  In the spirit of Allie's super popular "Ideal Woman" line of necklaces, Pohl will be releasing her latest limited edition series of men's ball-caps, featuring smaller scale versions of her seven distinct mens "Merit Badge" embroidered symbols.  The hats will be sold at a discounted price of $45 the night of the opening only!
Allie Pohl - "Merit Badge: Confident"