Saturday, October 1, 2011

Coming in October: The Return of Bill Amundson!

Save the dates of October 28th and November 4th, they should prove to be two of the most exciting and stimulating evenings in the gallery history.  Bill Amundson returns from Wisconsin with a new body of work for his first solo show ever, yes ever, in Denver.   Amundson is one of the most renowned contemporary artists in the state and an artistic force that's been making steady progress on a national level over the last decade.  Even though our country is currently experiencing the most dire political times, most American artists seem to be shying away from strong political commentary in any compelling way.  Except for Bill that is.  Amundson can be brash as hell, but as much fun that he pokes at some of our countries rudest or most ruthless national figures, he aims the same cannon quite often at himself.  The opening reception on the 28th will prove to be a grand and rowdy time, but we have to strongly recommend planning your schedule to include his artist talk here at Plus on Friday, November 4th, it will be an experience unlike any you have had or could possibly imagine.

Bill Amundson:  Detail from "Tower of Sara"

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