Saturday, October 1, 2011

Plus Gallery salutes artist Riva Sweetrocket, on her way to a new life in the big apple!

Last week brought very sad news for the gallery and Denver's art community as Plus Gallery artist Riva Sweetrocket moved from her home and studio in the Rino District to continue her career in New York City.  Normally we would have hosted a major farewell for Riva but her anxiety amidst one of the toughest real-estate markets ever and pressure to make the move presented numerous challenges for her and her husband Rohan.  We have no doubt that she will be back one day to present new paintings here at Plus Gallery, but until then we salute one of the most natural, gifted and personable artists to ever live in Denver.
Plus Gallery will continue to represent Riva and is thrilled to see what the move will do for her career.  If Jenny Morgan is any indication, it will be the best thing she could possibly do and we expect her value to soar!  We'll keep everyone posted on her developments from here and extend her best wishes to her many friends, collectors and everyone who supported her career while she was in Colorado.   Best of luck Riva, we will miss you!
Here's a brief but fond look back at Riva:

Riva at the Foothills Art Center with her magnificent diptych, 2007

One of the greatest works ever displayed at Plus Gallery, 2008

Denver Post's "Top Ten Art Shows of 2008"

First choice for the Denver Theatre Districts outdoor art gallery, 2009

Riva at the Buell with city of Denver curator Rudi Cerri, 2009

Pure bliss in action, 2009

Riva discusses her work for the DAM Contemporaries at her most recent Denver exhibition at the Denver Botanic Gardens, 2010/2011

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